Custom Processing

Custom Processing of Beef and Pork Done Right Every Time

Make sure you fill your freezer with nothing but the best, make sure it’s processed by Schrupp’s.

When you’re looking to have beef or pork custom processed to feed your family, come to Schrupp’s Meats & Seafood, LLC in Paynesville, MN. Our Cut-to-Order service is just that — cut to your specific orders and packaged exactly the way you want it. Plus, the meat you bring in is the same meat you will get back — only it will be fully ready for your freezer or dinner table. Let our experienced processing staff help fill your freezer with the finest quality meats available.

Not in the beef or hog raising industry and left without connections? No worries, at Schrupp’s Meats & Seafood we partner with local growers to ensure that all who are in the market for beef or pork still have the opportunity to buy in bulk. Contact us to learn more.

Mixed ¼ Beef

(Approximate Amount of Cuts)

½ Hog

(Approximate Amount of Cuts)